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Welcome to Camperdown Bathroomware & Tiles

‘There is no place like home and there is no place like Camperdown Bathroomware & Tiles to create it.’

Our focus is on quality without compromise, both in products and service. Our philosophy is built on the continual monitoring of worldwide trends and developments in style and technology. Together with this, we are experts in listening and understanding. The outcome – an environment that is cutting edge yet reflecting perfectly the client’s individual lifestyle.

Under one roof, Camperdown Bathroomware & Tiles offers the total range of solutions, reducing time spent whilst maximising savings. Whether building or renovating, the process is simplified and streamlined at Camperdown Bathroomware & Tiles. That is why Camperdown Bathroomware & Tiles is a leading supplier of Bathrooms, Kitchens and Tiles.